Julian shuffles words, edits, lectures, writes novels. Two were even published on paper, a third can be found hiding under a box on Amazon. He is still writing and hopes other books may again reach the light one sunny day. He writes this blog when the mood takes him. Turns out the mood takes him quite often.

Crime novels with a twist of history: The Amateur Historian, Felicity’s Gate (published in the US by Minotaur Books, and in the UK by Quick Brown Fox), and The Baedeker Murders (hiding under that box on Amazon).

Journalism: 25 years of columns for the York Press; freelance features for the Yorkshire Post, often in the Saturday magazine. Here are some examples:






  1. I’ve been reading your blogs regularly for the best part of the two years you have been writing them. Almost every day I have the same reaction: “That’s just what I was thinking too” – but beautifully expressed. Given that I too am a long established Guardian/Observer reader that may not be so surprising, but, for once, I did want to say thank you for putting our views in public the way you do.

    • Hello Bob
      Thank you for your kind thoughts on my blog and it is cheering to learn that you are part of that hardy band of readers. I enjoy writing the blogs, and it is especially nice when they are appreciated…

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