Going backwards with Rellik and Brexit (or Tixerb)…

This blog contains Rellik spoiler alerts…

WELL, I hope you enjoyed today’s upended blog about how a backwards crime drama reminds me of Brexit.

Time now for breakfast and the rest of the day. Oh, hang on – I’ve come over all strange as everything speeds into reverse. Now I am back at the beginning, scratching my head and wondering what to write this morning.

If you’ve been watching the time-challenged crime drama Rellik on BBC1, you may grasp what I am talking about; if not, tough luck. Even if you have been watching, feel free to raise your fingers in a head-scratching direction.

Rellik suggests all that TS Eliot stuff about in the end is my beginning. We are one episode from the end or one episode from the beginning – it’s hard to tell in a story that goes forwards by going backwards.

It’s a grim tale about a serial killer who uses acid to disfigure – spoiler alert, read no further if you’ve not watched last night’s episode – her victims. And, yes, I was surprised that the killer appears to be DI Elaine Shepard, chief cop Gabriel’s bit on the side. Gabriel has/had acid thrown in his face at one point, and sometimes he is handsome in a rough and sweaty manner; sometimes he is badly scarred; and sometimes his face is hidden behind a plastic mask.

Gabriel is, we learn by snatches of plot offered to us, then snatched back, an unlikable guy, known for ruthlessness and shagging around. But he has no idea that his latest shag is in fact the killer they are hunting; or that’s how it appeared last night, as in the last shot she was shown slicing the throat of the drunk Jonas Borner, a colleague of psychiatrist Isaac Taylor – a weirdo with an intense stare who had himself seemed a likely suspect for murderer.

This rewind-rewind drama often has the look of a graphic novel, with a heightened sense of colour, and a feeling that these characters have been drawn by an artist with a good but cruel pen. In the final shot last night, Shepard was revealed as the killer by the light of welding sparks, for no likely reason other than that it looked good.

As well as the confusion, there are plenty of sex scenes as Gabriel and Shepard get it together in assorted locations: a safe house, in the men’s toilets at work – just after, it now seems, she’s been out and about murdering and disfiguring.

There have been clues to Shepard being the killer, but only if you’ve been watching carefully, and I missed a few thanks to looking away at the newspaper or my phone. She is shown visiting her father who is in prison for murder; and then also seen at home with what appears to be her flatmate – but now, and this is just my theory, we can take as her dead mother, killed by her father (a guess that may be proved wrong in next week’s first/final episode).

It’s vivid and interesting stuff, but I’m glad not all dramas are written this way.

Rellik is ‘killer’ backwards and ‘Tixerb’ is Brexit backwards and for some reason that notion pleases me. Yesterday the Prime Minister made a Commons statement about the progress on Brexit with this morning’s headlines suggesting Mrs Yam is prepared to go ahead without a deal.

Europe has long been a curse to the Tory Party, and now Mrs Yam is being pulled into the Europhobic vortex, a sucking vacuum with Jacob Rees-Mogg at its dead centre. Well, other ghouls congregate there too, but the appalling Mogster seems to stand for everything unpleasant about the Europe-hating Tories. And, please, let’s stop regarding him as a quaint throwback: he’s a nasty piece of work hiding behind a PG Wodehouse caricature.

The narrow ‘yes’ vote in the referendum seems to have been interpreted as a massive go-ahead for the likes of Mogg to insist on the hardest Brexit possible. And now we have spent 18 months since the vote standing by as the Conservative Party engages in an endlessly inwards-looking squabble about Europe – the same one that saw off David Cameron, the man responsible for this bottomless, backwards mess.

Will Mrs Yam turn back into Mrs May; or is she still doomed, her end foretold from the beginning? The beginning of Brexit seems to be the end of all sense, but there you go. Tixerb it is, with only the Tory jokers in charge, cheered on by their supporters in the right-wing press.

When Boris Johnson is the poster boy for Brexit, it’s time to tear down that poster.

Anyway, I seem to have reached the beginning, so it’s goodbye from me.


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