Icarus Farage and a wraparound Daily Express…

Oh, look I was going to stay away from this ledge, and then the Daily Telegraph went and compared Nigel Farage to Icarus.

An opinion piece today carries the tagline: “Nigel Farage is the Brexit Icarus. Here’s how he can see us fly out of the EU to freedom…”

You might have thought a classical education would be required at the Telegraph. Even those of us without one can recall that the myth has Icarus flying too close to the sun. The wax that joins his wings melts, and Icarus takes a tumble.

The author of the opinion piece is one Hunter DuBose, who appears to be the same Hunter DuBose behind a company called Spitfire Capital that reportedly stumped up £50,000 for the crowdfunded film Brexit: The Movie (Evening Standard, March 11, 2019).

No melty wings, no precipitous plunge, just Farage flying us out of the EU on a self-serving whim. No thanks. I’d rather stick to the traditional version, in which Farage has a big a fall. Here’s hoping and praying.

Oh, look I was going to stay away from this ledge today, and then the Daily Express went and wrapped itself in an advert from the Brexit Party. I don’t know how much these adverts cost, but they won’t come cheap.

This one has a picture of Farage facing the prime minister, with the words: “Farage. My election offer to Boris.”

At the top it says: “Your favourite daily newspaper is inside.” That seems unlikely, unless there was a mix-up at the printers.

As the Express is a daily advert for the Brexit Party, this shouldn’t be a surprise. But, still – dear ratty old racist Aunty Express, have you no shame?

These things are common enough at a time when money is tight in the newspaper industry. But political wraparounds still seem dodgy.

Oh, look I was going to stay away from this ledge today, but then Andrea Leadsom… oh, just, you know, Andrea Leadsom. She popped up on the BBC to say that the Government wouldn’t be publishing any documents relating To Operation Yellowhammer, the government’s contingency plan for a no-deal Brexit, despite losing a vote on this last week.

Nope, we won’t be doing that, Leadsom told the Beeb, as it would just “concern people”. Knowing the truth would panic people, so we’ll just keep quiet, spin a few pretty lies, and keep hoping for the best, even if the evidence suggests we’ll soon be wearing a bucket of shit for a hat.

Closing scrapbook scribble …

The EU has new anti-tax avoidance rules lined up that could boost public spending – but he bad for wealthy Brexit supporters such as Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Is that why they’re so keen on a speedy Brexit, so that we leave before the new rules apply?

And if Brexit is an undercover tax avoidance scheme for the wealthy, how will Boris Johnson raise the money to pay for all those promises he keeps making?

Just a thought. Bye.

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