‘Rudey’ Dench and a spot of despair about Brexit…

TWO quick dips into reports in The Sun today. One item is that newspaper’s curious take on how Brexit is progressing; the other is Dame Judi Dench swearing (not’ Judy’ as the website’s headline writer puts it – oh you’ll only set her off again with that).

I wonder what Dame Judi thinks of Brexit, and does her view include swearing? As it happens, and I am allowing myself to be distracted here, she believes as follows: “There is something about being inclusive that is more important than being exclusive.”

A sensible enough view, and no swearing. We shall return to what set Dame Judi off in a moment (the fact that a moment ago I mistyped her name as ‘Dane Judi’ might set her off, too – although perhaps she’d get a role in one of those subtitled crime dramas with that name).

I don’t agree with The Sun’s take on Brexit. The paper is one of the ardent Brexit brigade and I am of the opposite persuasion. But we can concur that it’s not going very well or very quickly.

Something strikes for me a wrong note in the paper’s long editorial today about what the paper sees as “a global plot to destroy Brexit”. Remainers get it in the neck and anything other than a full-metal-jacket Brexit gets it in the neck, too.

The Sun asks what the rising resistance to Brexit says to “the clear message sent by 17.4 million Leavers. They are being belittled and ignored by arrogant elite, both here and abroad…”

And there was me thinking they were being pampered to endlessly by many newspapers, including The Sun. The ‘elite’ are a flexible bunch, called on to do outrageous duty at the drop of a tantrum. Nigel Farage built his career on this: attacking the elite, to which he essentially belonged, as a way of summoning up an enemy called ‘other’.

Also, every time we hear about those 17.4 million Leavers, we should also remember the 16.2 million Remain voters. This is a matter of perspective, but I’d say they were the ones being “belittled and ignored”.

Personally, I am heartily tired of Brexit, the endless sniping and bitching of our Brexit-obsessed media. And, yes, it’s an obsession that obsesses me, too. While boring the Levis off me at the same time, up to my knees in the rank sludge.

Will it ever end? Looking back at referendum campaign, badly run and noisily quarrelsome on both sides, it seems that we all forgot to read the small-print on the ballot paper. This clearly said: “…or do you want to argue pointlessly about this until the third Tuesday after doomsday without ever reaching any damn conclusion”.

Anyway, onto Judi Dench. The Sun’s story has the rather good headline “Rudey Dench.” It reports that the 83-year-old actress went to hospital after being stung on her bum where she “told a young paramedic to f*** off for asking if she had a carer”.

This story is just a bit of promo for a film on BBC2 tonight, Nothing Like A Dame, as probably lifted from the Radio Times. There you will find Judi telling the story of the hornet sting and the incautious paramedic. “I blew my top! I told him F*** OFF. I’ve just done eight weeks in A Winter’s Tale at the Garrick Theatre.”

The documentary records waspish chat between Judi, Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith and Eileen Atkins. It looks to be a treat. Or, as Dame Judi might say, calling on all her Shakespearean training, “a F***ING delight”.

At least it’ll take the mind off Brexit for an hour or so.


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