Vinyl frontier… an occasional series

Here begins a sporadic look at albums plucked from our collection, many dating back 40 years or so.

A new record deck bought last year has revived these black discs, crackles and all. Selection will be a random spin to a degree: pick a sleeve and pull it out (the albums are not always easily identifiable, after the cat scratched all the spines).

Bobby King and Terry Evans, Live and Let Live! (Special Delivery Records)

Just look at that cover: fashions were different in 1988, but Bobby and Terry cut a dash. Bobby is a veteran gospel singer who often sings with Ry Cooder; Terry was a blues and soul singer (he died in January) who sang with Cooder, Joan Armatrading, Eric Clapton and others.

Together, they sang backing vocals on Cooder albums and toured with the great slide-man, too. Live and Let Live! is a Cooder project, produced by him and featuring his characteristic chunky rhythms and slide guitar.

Bobby and Terry are elevated to lead vocals and do a rousing job, putting a 1980s gloss on their 1960s sound. Nine songs in all, starting with Just A Little Bit, which is more than a little bit good, followed by Bald Head and the great Bobby King song, Seeing Is Believing.

Best track: At The Dark End Of The Street, a perfect way to close the album. Everything that comes before should cheer you up: always does the trick for me.

The link below should give a taster…

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