We don’t need lectures from Trump on Brexit…

I see that Piers Morgan – sorry if you’ve not have had breakfast yet – is compounding his role as national irritant in chief by tweeting that Donald Trump is the man to sort out the Brexit shitstorm.

His tweet was accompanied by a smarmy photo of Piers and Donald grinning up to each other like salesmen of doom at a messing with your head conference.

For a second or two yesterday, Trump declined to answer reporters’ questions about how Brexit was going, then launched into a blistering account of why it was all because Theresa May hadn’t heeded his advice.

And in an aside, he trundle-Trumped out an old lie about how he predicted the Brexit result the day before the referendum. Jon Sopel, the BBC’s North America editor, has tweeted often about this, and he was forced on to Twitter again yesterday.

Here’s what Sopel tweeted about Trump’s ‘prediction’: “I can’t believe I’m hearing this again. DONALD TRUMP DID NOT PREDICT BREXIT THE DAY BEFORE VOTE AT TURNBERRY. HE ARRIVED IN SCOTLAND THE DAY AFTER, ON JUNE 24. HIS TWEETS CONFIRM THIS. I WAS THERE Did someone say #FakeNews?”

Trump punting on Brexit is just another lie in a roomful of lies, but that’s hardly surprising, as that man has lies for breakfast. Incidentally, Trump and food, it’s quite a thing, as you will discover if you go on YouTube and seek out a short film in which two reporters for BuzzFeed in the US eat like their president for a day.

It’s mostly Diet Coke, burgers without the buns (he throws those away) and, bizarrely, the cheesy topping from pizzas, scraped off from the bread base (he throws that away, too). And biscuits to go with the sugar-free Coke.

Sorry, I digress. And I am doing it again right now. Here is a sweary tweet from the comedian Tim Minchin: “Trump’s a lying imbecile, Brexit is a fucking dumb idea, nationalism is retrogressive, guns are for cowards, Jesus wasn’t magic, there is no God, knowledge is power, art is freedom, free will is an illusion, music is love, apes are awesome, cheese > chocolate. I can prove it all.”

Ah, that feels better. Anyway, Trump’s thoughts on Brexit are as toxically unhelpful as his thoughts on just about anything else. The Sun reported last summer that during his visit to the UK, Trump told Mrs Mayhem “how to do” Brexit”, adding that “she didn’t listen to me”. His advice included suing the EU and not going into negotiations.

His latest intervention runs like this: “I’m surprised at how badly it’s all gone from the standpoint of a negotiation. I gave the prime minister my ideas on how to negotiate it and I think you would have been successful.”

Two points to close here.

ONE: Suing people, refusing to negotiate and generally being a bull-headed bully is how Trump runs his property business. And his reputation for being the king of the deal is all down to a book he got someone else to write.

TWO: Trump, like the American right in general, hates the EU as it forms a strong bloc against American dominance, and because it imposes higher standards of animal welfare than does the US, where factory farming is destroying rural communities across the Midwest (“How the US food giants swallowed the family farm”, The Observer, March 10).

No thanks, Piers – we should leave Trump to ruin his own country with mounting mega-debts, stupid unnecessary walls and rising inequality.

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