Now Sir Brexit Beefy bowls into the House of Lords…

BREXIT isn’t the best blog opening word. There go my two normal readers already, leaving the door to slam.

As we know, Brexit got done or we got done, or something or other. On a wing and slogan, Boris Johnson got Brexit done. Got it done with help from Ian Botham apparently, as Sir Beefy is going to be made a peer in honour of all his Brexit batting.

It is well known that Johnson surrounds himself with Brexit toadies. Our government is comprised of Brexit lickspittles, rewarded for fealty to Johnson and Brexit.

Now Sir Beefy will join the nodding throng. I’ll explain why this is outrageous in a moment.

First, let’s admit that if you wish to hand out state baubles, it was fair enough to chuck a knighthood Ian Botham’s way in 2007. This was given for services to charity and cricket, including charity walks between Land’s End and John O’Groats.

God, just imagine if Botham spent the long tramping hours droning on about the evils of Europe. What an endless walk that must have been. Of many Botham’s Brexit speeches, let’s not forget the one where he said “England is an island”.

Perhaps being in his day one of the greatest all-rounders affected his sense of geography, as many of his pro-Brexit remarks reference England rather than Britain.

Later this month, apparently, Botham is set to become the ninth cricketer to knock the bails off a peer-hood – and all because of services to Brexit blathering.

What expertise does Botham have in politics and law-making? None at all, and this bit of popularism from Johnson has dodgy grass stains on its knees. What a strange sort of country where you are invited into the government without election and just because you were good at cricket and mouthing off about Brexit.

This sort of behaviour from prime ministers only adds muscle to those who say the House of Lords should be abolished. I’m not sure the second chamber has to go altogether, but Lords should be elected, not sent leaping there to do the prime minister’s bidding.

Brexit, the one that allegedly got done, is back in the headlines, partly thanks to the geopolitical scrapping between China and the US. Back in February the Financial Times reported that Donald Trump was ‘apoplectic’ with Johnson over allowing the Chinese company Huawei to play a part in out 5G network.

Johnson stood firm until as long as last week, when he changed his mind and, essentially, did Trump’s bidding. Now Huawei will be shown the door following security concerns and the harrumphing of certain Tory MPs.

So all our hopes of getting Brexit done with help from China are looking tricky now. Basically, we’re a tiny but proud mouse dodging between the thumping elephant feet of China and the US. If only there was, you know, some European organisation we could join for strength in numbers.

Never mind, at least we’ve got Sir Beefy on our side.

Let’s close with a squint at the headline in yesterday’s Sunday Express: “Don’t try to smear Brexit”. This refers to a fear that the Russia report, long delayed but due any day, might ‘spoil’ Brexit by showing how the Russians perhaps may have interfered in the vote.

I guess the obvious headline wouldn’t fit: “Don’t try to smear Brexit by telling the truth about how we ended up in the middle of this clearly not yet done shitstorm.”

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