The real Got Brexit Done slogan… and working from home…

“Got Brexit done” was quite the slogan from Boris Johnson, although here is a longer version…

“Got a half-arsed Brexit half done and it’s all Europe’s fault folks and who cares about Northern Ireland anyway and what if I did lend my squiggle to that deal without reading a word (have you seen how long those agreements are?) and don’t go listening to that reporter on Channel 4 News who asked me about the Northern Ireland Protocol and said “You must be furious with whoever signed up to a deal that bad” as I’ll be sure to get Channel 4 done in now along with the lefty BBC and yes I conned Northern Ireland about not putting a border in the Irish Sea and now there is one but don’t blame me and the only reason you don’t know what a rank idea Brexit was is that most of the newspapers are in my pocket and are happy to go on blaming Europe for my every wrong and what did you expect when you voted for a jobbing right-wing columnist to run the country?”

Not so snappy, but what’s so great about three-word slogans anyway?

We got done in, there a four-word one.

If you have spotted a single benefit of Brexit, do let me know. I have emptied my pockets and my wallet and still cannot find a thing.

Still, at least Boris Johnson Got Brexit Done, apart from all those loose ends leaping about like live wires hanging from the ceiling where a light used to be. Don’t touch that switch…


Jacob Rees-Mogg is the Minister for Bigging Up All That Brexit Bollocks or something, but he can’t be that busy as mostly he is going around preaching about how no-one should be working from home, especially not his civil serfs.

This is quite something from the man who is literally working from the 18th century.

A photograph in a newspaper, the Telegraph probably but don’t hold my feet to the wood-burning stove, showed his desk and there wasn’t a computer in sight, just piles of quill pens or something.

My inner editor observes that I have just written “or something” twice (er, three times now, inner ed) but what do you expect when trying to understand the point of man like Rees-Mogg who to me always looks like a pall bearer with us in the coffin.

Boris Johnson gave a ridiculous interview to the Daily Mail the other day that touched on working from home. In this he blathered about how his experience is that “you spend an awful lot of time making another cup of coffee and then, you know, getting up, walking very slowly to the fridge, hacking off a small piece of cheese, then walking very slowly back to your laptop and then forgetting what it was you’re doing”.

I never agree with a word that man says, but I’ll give him the cheese. And the coffee. Although after more than two years at home, I have padlocked the cheese box.

The pandemic changed plenty about work, and for many people it showed that working from home was achievable, pleasant, and efficient. The idea that people at home only put in half the effort, as assorted government ministers like to suggest, is not my experience.

Still, it’s not for everyone – and not an option for many. If I was young and starting out, rather than walking that last mile, I would rather be in an office. I used to enjoy office life but now I am a home office bird (too much home, too much cheese until I told myself off).

Perhaps WFH is just another convenient bogeyman. There is always someone to blame. Or something (that’s four times now…).

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